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It is hard to believe that it was two years ago I attended my first Wine and Canvas social event.  It was this event that triggered the artist within me.  Since then I have spent much of my time getting to know the paint and the process.  The journey has had its twists and turns.


I began painting as a form of therapy.  Unlike what we are sold in main stream marketing, we are not multitaskers.  I have come to understand the same is true with our mind.  While our physical bodies perform millions if not, billions of tasks simultaneously--the same is not true for our minds.


Our minds jump from one thought to another but can only hold one thought form at a time.  So while I am actively engaged in painting the physical pain from Fibromyalgia has to take a back seat--no longer front and center weighing heavily on me mentally, emotionally and yes, even physically.


The journey has traveled from painting a beach scene like everyone else's to painting Galaxies and on to Abstract Expressionism.  But today the journey has taken even another galactic leap as I am learning to paint 'fluid'.  Which is ironic when you consider the rigid state my body takes with Fibromyalgia unable to flow freely and move without limitation.


The artwork has become fluid-flowing motion.


The energy and imagery this produces literally makes my soul jump for joy!  Something that I haven't experienced in quite sometime. 


However, this morning something else was revealed to me about the new method.  See with the Abstract painting I gathered my colors and within minutes I could have a finished piece.   The Fluid painting is much slower.   The paints have to be mixed with the bonding agent, alcohol, water, silicone--all depending on the result you desire.  This can be a very tedious process.


It also seems as though I never have everything I need and I am always picking up one more piece to the formula puzzle before the act of painting ever begins!


Such as it is with our Spiritual Journeys. 


As long as we are still here on Earth we won't ever have every piece we need--we continue to gather and to build as we go.  The process is very tedious as every piece needs to be in place - the formula just right - ingredients measured and balanced.


A tedious and slow process for those of us who live to see the end of result of things.  Those of us who are on the impatient side or have impulse riding shotgun in our lives.  Enjoy the process they say--it will be worth it they say.


This morning I believe Spirit confirmed just that.  It is the focus and the energy that is invested into the process that will deliver the jaw dropping results everyone hopes for.


So take a few minutes, slow down, breathe a little fresh air, smell the roses and stir paint one more time because when all the pieces are in place and the paint is measured and balanced when the last stir is swished around the end result will have been worth every minute.





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