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"Art is the lie that enables us to realize the Truth."

                                                                                              Pablo Picasso


With no formal art education in my portfolio, trusting and following only in the Universe who is guiding me; I stumbled upon this quote today.  I was awestruck when I heard Dan Millman, The Peaceful Warrior share in in a recent satsang.   It was as though he delivered the quote just for me, for the very night I would go to YouTube to watch one of his videos. 


No coincidences.


Since June 11, 2006 I stopped believing in coincidences and now choose to believe in an finely orchestrated tapestry of life that knits our lives together like a silk scarf.


Abstract Expressionism is just that.  A form of art that allows me to paint 'non-reality'.  I paint the lie.  And in doing so, I allow God the freedom to reveal the Truth of His choosing.


Why not see what God may want to reveal to you?  Check out my Gallery Page.  Commissioned work is available at affordable prices.


Spiritually inspired and energized metaphyscially with love, light, hope, and encouragement.






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