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So if you live in the United States you are probably familiar with Hollywood, Disney and blockbusters like Finding Nemo and Finding Dorey and before that was Finding Waldo.


But we weren't born into this lifetime to find Waldo, Nemo or Dorey.  We were born to find ourselves.  We weren't even born to find God.  God was never lost.


We were born to find 'me'.


I am by nature a person who enevitably takes the long way around to get from point A to point B.  And well, life hasn't been any different.  But to listen to many Masters who have achieved finding themselves, they will tell you that everything has been in its perfect time.  We took no wrong turns, no delays.  It is as it should be.


There is no past and there is no future --- there is simply now.


I wanted to share this post to say that I am happy to arrived--to now.  The here and now.  And though I still struggle and have the mental battles and some of the same old habits that I always had --- it's different.  Because I have found me.  And when life gets a little overwhelming I know I can go to that still place, that safe place, that place of me and now ... and well, there is no struggle.  There is no drama.  There is well, simply put, there is nothing.


It is a beautiful place.


If you have not yet found, you ... I hope you will begin the search.  I hope to meet you in the here and now and together we can experience something quite beautiful.


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