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Because I had attended a festival last weekend, I have been trying to get things back in order this week as well as work.  A demand for any young, healthy person but for a grandmother with significant chronic health issues--well, it can be a bit overwhelming.


It had been days since I had time to pick up a paint brush, though I know this is what fuels my passion to get up everyday. 


With headphones in place and my favorite Enigma tune playing I began to paint.


Once again, the free flow of the Universe through Abstract Expressionism was breathtaking.


The Eye of God, God's Holy Mountain .... whatever it is that you see please know I did not bring this image forth.  God did.  I simply put paint on the brush and applied it to the canvas and God did the rest.


This is how we should learn to live our daily lives.  With the faith and trust to believe that all we have to do is show up ....  and God will do the rest.


I know it's much easier said than done -- but it is not only possible it is God's greatest desire for us.


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