Art for the Soul


Cindy is an artist and an author from Kentucky


As a 60 year old grandmother, I never once envisioned myself an artist.  I was a bookkeeper.  I was analytical.  I was detail oriented to a fault.  Rigid in my thinking and my religious beliefs.  But on June 11, 2006 I was about to learn my biggest lesson in life. 


On a day that is generally a day of celebration in our house recognizing the birth of my oldest daughter Hope, in 2006 this day became a day of mourning.  Her brother at the age of twenty-two misjudged a curve on a rural road while riding a friend's motorcycle.  It would be the darkest day of my life and the darkness would overshadow me for the next six years. 


Now ten years later, the Universe/God/Spirit/Source whomever you choose to believe gives life is now manifesting life through my acryclic painting.  I began painting as a form of positive bio-feedback ... battling chronic pain and exhaustion, severe Fibromyalgia and numerous autoimmune diseases painting has become an outlet for me as not requiring a great deal of physical acitivity. 


Though I painted for the first time when I attended a Wine and Canvas event with my sister, knowing I would not be able to attend on a regular basis due to my work schedule and the physical demand, I turned to YouTube.  Here I found a vast array of very willing souls to help guide me along my way to understanding the very basic guidelines to painting and a few insider trade secrets.


Like most, I began painting roses and cabins in the woods, but very quickly felt the internal nudge to let myself go.  The Universe wanted me to explore the world of Galaxies and Cosmos ... this nudge was necessary to show me it was okay to paint outside of the lines.  Something I find difficult to do even in my everyday life.  This gave me my ticket to free expression!


It was here I would learn the term Abstract Expressionism.  It was here I could see the blueprint of my life.


Now, today the Universe has called me to another magical place.  Now the Universe has asked that I simply allow the Universe itself to create the final work.  Long story short, I place the paint on the canvas ... go to my secret place within me, the deep stillness ... and allow the Universe to come through the painting.


A wedding gift I painted for a couple of my son's friends manifested hundreds of dolphins as it was drying.


A work I completed manifested a perfect photographic image of my 44 year old nephew who passed away tragically in June 2015 in a farming accident.


A great Master once said, "When you are writing a book, leave a few blank pages to allow God to speak."


We have so much to say, we rarely give God a place anymore.


This is now my calling, to bring paint and canvas together and to give God a place to speak.


Within the final work, God may or may not choose to manifest spirit guides, angels, loved ones, and images we don't even have labels for.


I am free.  I am living outside the lines of reality and I have never felt more loved. 


I provide private commission work at affordable prices. 


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