Art for the Soul

Testimonials of Spiritual Manifestation

  • "I see them!  There are dolphins everywhere, it's so beautiful!"

                                                                      Robert & Lindsay (KY)




  • "As I walked past the computer I saw the digital picture of the painting she had done. Immediately I was drawn to the lady in the pink gown with the red hair that was laying down. I turned and said oh my God that's mother. Then I saw him, my son was next to her. I couldn't speak, tears welled up as I felt a great sadness and joy at the same time. There he was Ray Ban sunglasses and all. What a blessing it is that he let's me know he is still near. All my husband could say was WOW when I showed him the picture. Needless to say I had the picture framed for all to see. There is no price I could put on this painting and no payment that would be sufficient to the artist. All I can say is THANK YOU for following your heart."

                                                                Bobbie (KY)








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